Manufactured Homes (Mobile Homes)

Your Manufactured Home (Mobile Home) is considered Personal Property if:

  • The land and home are not owned by the same person

Your Manufactured Home (Mobile Home) is considered Real Estate if:

  • The title to the manufactured home (mobile home) and the deed to the land are in the same name

When an OTC Form 936 is needed:

  • Buying a manufactured home (mobile home)
  • Selling a manufactured home (mobile home)
  • Moving a manufactured home (mobile home)
  • Making a change to the title (adding or removing a name)

Steps to acquire an OTC Form 936

The following steps will have to be done first.

  1. Call the office for tax amounts (918)596-5147 or (918)596-5142 (Bilingual)
  2. You will need the title
  3. You will need to pay all taxes due, current and/or delinquent
  4. You will need a photo ID
  5. Taxes must be paid with cash, money order or cashier's check
  6. The OTC Form 936 will be signed by the titled owner unless there is a signed, notarized authorization allowing someone other than the owner to sign the form

If buying: Follow steps 1-6 above and bring a title signed and notarized by seller and a photo ID (if you have a bill of sale, include it)

If selling: Follow steps 1-6 above and bring the title and furnish the new owner(s) name and mailing address (if moving, we need the new street location)

If moving: Follow steps 1-6 above and bring the title and new street location

If adding or removing a name: Follow steps 1-6 above and have the name of the person you want to add or remove


Phone: (918)596-5147 or (918)596-5142 (bilingual)
By Mail:

John A. Wright, Tulsa County Assessor
Attn: Mobile Home
Tulsa County Headquarters, 5th floor
218 W. Sixth St.
Tulsa, OK 74119
8:00–5:00 Monday–Friday (excluding holidays)

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