Need a Speaker?

John A. Wright speaks to service clubs, professional organizations, homeowners associations, and various other groups every month. These meetings are educational in nature, and the topics typically include:

  • How the assessment process works to establish a Fair Cash Value (Market)
  • Exemptions and limitations - how you can file for homestead exemption, additional homestead exemption, veterans exemption and senior value freeze limitation
  • Appealing the valuation on your property
  • The 3% valuation cap on homesteaded properties and how it benefits homeowners

Assessor staff is always on hand to help taxpayers with their questions or concerns. A taxpayer can view the Assessor's property records and will be provided a public data sheet on their property. Homestead exemptions typically save a homeowner between $91 and $141 a year in taxes, and Assessor staff can help a homeowner apply at these engagements.

Availability to the Public

John A. Wright believes it is important to be available in person to answer taxpayer questions, address concerns, and generally provide information about property valuation and ad valorem taxes in Tulsa County. The Tulsa County Assessor Community Outreach Program is designed to give taxpayers an opportunity to learn about what our office does and to provide a forum to answer questions and receive feedback.

Schedule a Speaker

To request that Assessor John A. Wright or a member of his staff speak at your next group meeting, please call (918) 596-5169 or email

Click here for a printable, trifold brochure.